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  30th Anniversary in 2016 


Updated 2016: video ASL

1/ The time of the Tournament has been changed: For all tournaments in May, July and August:
                      Friday 12 noon 8 pm
                      Saturday 5 am 8 pm
                      Sunday 5 am 11:30 am

2/ You are required to use your own live fish bags at the weighing station in every tournament event. We will NO longer accept fish in fishing nets or carried in your hands.

3/ If you wish to participate in the Salmon Tournament that starts in July and goes until August, please contact the OFCD Board and get the forms. The forms must be filled out before you go.

4/ At the Bass Tournament: for each dead bass, you will be penalized .50 (1/2) lb. This will start in the 2016 tournaments.

5/ The OFCD AGM (Annual General Meeting) has been changed to Bi-Yearly. This means that the meeting will happen every two years, NOT every year.

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Board of Directors



Vice President
Ewa Swiecicki
Director at Large
Ken Roberts
Youth Director
Darren Chow



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